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2005 winter; Subject of ?

2005.12.27 ~ 2006.2.28

Topic; Subject of ? : From human to the other

 We will investigate the topic, Subject of ? through this storming winter. we have read many articles directly related to new media, but as you might find out, they were somewhat superficial. Have you ever asked the problem - why? Well, I believe that the problem is coming from the way of determination. Basic concepts are not come from the new media itself. On the contrary, they have their own origins. Each concept is dependent on each definition in each research of a certain whole body of work. That's O.K. Then, we will go to the place, and see what can be out of joint. As Freud says, Wo Es war, soll Ich Werden (Where Id was, there ego shall be), we will go there at that time, induce a dislocation, and try to make a new re-joint.

Readings are composed of three parts; 1. overall sketches of 'subject' with semiotics, 2. Gender and the subject, 3. non-human subjectivity. We will not read the text only literally, but also expansively, by extending 'subject' from the human to the non-human. I will call it, dense reading. Let's expect the storming winter for the time of enjoying the heavy reading, and find out the hidden jouissance!

- Dr. Yoon


  Tuesday  Readings  Main Presenter
 1  12/27 subject 1: Silverman 3-53  
 2  1/3  subject 2: Silverman 126-178  
 3  1/10  subject 3: Silverman 149-193  
 4  1/31 Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire: Butler1-34  
 5  2/7 I or He or It 1: Žižek 1-18  
 6  2/14 I or He or It 2: Žižek 18-44  
 7  2/21 Four Discourses, Four Subjects 1: Žižek 74-90  
 8  2/28 Four Discourses, Four Subjects 1: Žižek 90-113  

  1. Kaja Silverman, "1. From Sign to Subject, A Short History," and "4. The Subject," The Subject of Semiotics (Oxford: Oxford UP, 1983) 3-53, 126-193.
  2. Judith Butler, "1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire," Gender Trouble (New York: Routledge, 1990) 1-34
  3. Slavoj Žižek, "Introduction," and "1. I or He or It (the Thing) Which Thinks," Tarrying with the Negative (Durham: Duke UP, 1993) 1-44.
  4. Slavoj Žižek, "Four Discourses, Four Subjects," Cogito and the Unconscious (Durham: Duke UP, 1998) 74-113.

*complementary reading

Jacques Lacan, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (New York: Norton, 1973) (Translated in Korean as you Know, 욕망이론)

*upcoming (2006 Spring) reading will include Mieke Bal's.