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2009_2 winter; If-Re, This-Ible

2009. 12. 23 - 02. 23 

If-Re, This-Ible : Jean Baudrillard’s Simulations & Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin’s Remediation

As the ninth version of MAAT BOOK, we share two notorious books. B’s book was published in 1983 as SEMIOTEXT(E)’s English translated version, and B & G’s book was printed by MIT Press in 1999. The former is on the problem of real and reproduction in terms of philosophical and critical studies, and the latter can be said a media critique on digital technologies. What we do in this winter would be a construction of media critiques and philosophical approaches. That is, the process of setting up media aesthetics and the aesthetic discourses should be considered carefully. If we forgive, or postpone the endeavor, 1) nobody does it, and 2) media aesthetics will be gone far away leaving problems of digital media as living commodities and entertaining entities before it is discussed in depth. 

Let’s do read these texts densely, as we say, considering our own projects, not just following the authors’ driving. Before we read these texts, we have to establish, or at least ignite a clue for our own researching topics. Then, these readings will be followed intersecting with our own consideration. 

2009. 12. 09 – dr.yoon 






Monday 2:00pm


Dec. 15 (tue)



Distributing BOOK 9 and decision of chair

1. Dec. 21

B 1-37

Yonggeun Kim

The precession of simulacra part I

2. Dec. 28

B 38-79

Kyungho Lim

The precession of simulacra part II

3. Jan. 25

B 83-115

 Kiwon Song

The orders of simulacra part I

4. Feb. 01

B 115-152

 Youngsun Park

The orders of simulacra part II

5. Feb. 08

B&G 3-50

 Sukwon Kim

Preface, introduction,

1. immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation

6. Feb. 15

B&G 53-84

 Seungae Bang

2. Mediation and Remediation

3. Networks of Remediation

7. Feb. 22

B&G 88-158

 Jangwon Lee

4. Computer Games

5. Digital Photography

6. Photorealistic Graphics

7. Digital Art

8. Film

8. ?

B&G 161-226

 Hyunkyoung Cho

9. Virtual Reality

10. Mediated Spaces

11. Television

12. The World Wide Web

13. Ubiquitous Computing

14. Convergence


1. Jean Baudrillard, Simulations, trans. Paul Foss, Paul Patton and Philip Beitchman (New York: Semiotext(e), 1983)

Ref) Electronic version (w/o page numbers) 
- Simulacra and Simulation (Jean Baudrillard, Selected Writings, ed. Mark Poster (Stanford; Stanford University Press, 1988), pp.166-184.)

2, Jay Bolter, Richard Grusin, Remediation: Understanding New Media (Cambridge; London: MIT P, 1999) 
Ref) Electronic version

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