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2020_1_winter; Disobey Everything (!)

2020 Winter MAAT lab Study: 2020.01.13 – 17  (MAAT BOOK 28) 
Disobey Everything (!) 
Dear my researching comrades, 
Another winter is in front of us. 
We have already disobeyed for a long time and so many times. We disobeyed our fathers and mothers, our teachers and professors, our schools and universities, and our states and their regimes. Surely, there has not been a certain real leader for disobeying, but only rhythm and rage underneath the disobedience. In the area of research, there has not been prominent real fighters of disobeying in fact, but certain trends and atmospheres. 
In this winter, we are following trajectories of theoretical and methodological disobediences in researching arts. We will look at the conventional, but not so traditional researching approaches of art history, and then, a little progressive critical studies based approaches. Finally, we will try to be heading to philosophical approaches. Then, we will read again the early approaches of our media art. We could not cover the whole texts and readings in a given time, and just try to cover them through preface, introduction, notes, etc. 
Create territories. Multiply zones of opacity. … Travel. Open our own lines of communication. - The Coming Insurrection 
Dr. Yoon, December 12, 2019 
* This winter, we will be in Hyungnam Hall temporarily. 
Soongsil University, Information Science Building (No.21) room 606 509 Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07027, Republic of Korea tel. 82.2.824.0718      fax. 82.2.822.3622 










01.13 Mon



Art History or History of Art




1. Introduction

    W.J.T. Mitchell

Iconology: image, text, ideology, U of Chicago P, 1986, pp.1-4.

2. Front Part, pp.1-9

Leo Steinberg

“The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion,” October, Vol. 25 (Summer, 1983), MIT P. pp. iv+1-198 + 204-222.



01.14 Tue



Art Theory or Critical Studies




3. Preface, ix-xiii.

    Hans Belting

    The End of the History of Art? Trans. Christopher S. Wood, Chicago, London: U of Chicago P, 1987.


4. “A User’s Guide to Entropy”

    Rosalind Krauss

   October 78 (1996) Cambridge: MIT P.







.   Philosophy on Art History


5. “Deleuze on Bacon: Three Conceptual Trajectories in The Logic of Sensation”

     Daniel W. Smith

Gilles Deleuze, Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation, 1981, trans. Daniel W. Smith, U of Minnesota P, 2004.  pp.vii-xxvi.





01.16 Thu



Aesthetics or Art Theory



6. “What is ‘the Haptic’?: Consideration of Logique de la Sensation and Deleuze’s theory of sensation”

Ota Yoshitaka

Aesthetics No.17 (2013) The Japanese Society of Aesthetics, Tokyo University, Japan, 13-24.



01.17  Fri



Extension or Prosthesis


7. System Esthetics

Jack Burnham

Artforum, Vol.7, No.1, September, 1968, pp.30-35.


8. Notes on art and information processing

Jack Burnham

Software: Information technology: its new meaning of art, Jewish Museum, New York, 1970, pp.10-14.





















Jangwon Lee,
Dec 10, 2019, 8:35 PM