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2021_1_winter; The Analogy, M/W


2021 Winter MAAT Lab Study   2021.02.01 – 05

2021 Winter MAAT lab Study: 2021.02.01 – 05  (MAAT BOOK 30)

The Analogy, M/W

 Dear my researching comrades,

 A long hibernation is not stopped yet, but a being as the hermit is being bringing forth. Gathering is a venue for thoughts in some cultures and being alone is the true way of thinking in other cultures. Things and thoughts keep changing, as the past crowd square is transformed into the present solitary smartphone.

 The analogy is dynamic attempting to catch up both competing poles and parallel ends. It might be conciliatory and converging, and be located at the fence (clôture), the frame, the border, or the law. We can reconsider or think from the beginning about the transition from the substance or the material to the concept or the idea.

 I have talked about ‘biochemistry’ once. Chemistry explains the natural interactions, but in our bodies and in organisms, those interactions reveal somewhat different ones that do not follow principles and laws. Those ‘bad’ ones are a starting point for us, in a sense. Let’s think about ‘money’ and ‘writing’ beyond man and woman, man and world, moon and water, mother and weaving, motor and winding, misty and watery, etc.

 Follow your own course, and let people talk – Dante

 I give my dreams as dreams, and leave the reader to discover whether there is anything in them which may prove useful to those who are a wake - Rousseau


 Dr. Yoon, December 30, 2020

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02.01 Mon

1. 1867: Preface to the First German Edition

2. 1873: Afterword to the Second German Edition





Karl Marx, Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Volume I, 1867, trans. Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling, ed. Frederick Engels, Moscow: Progress Publisher, 1887.


*자본론 I(), 1867, 김수행 , 비봉출판사, 2015



02.02 Tue

3. Chapter Three: Money, Or the Circulation of Commodities









4. Of Grammatology, 269-280.



Jacques Derrida, Of Grammatology, 1967, trans. Gayatari Chakravorty Spivak, Baltimore: John Hopkins UP, 1997.

자크 데리다, 그라마톨로지, 1967, 김성도 , 민음사: 2010.





02.04 Thu

5. Of Grammatology, 280-295.






02.05  Fri

6. Of Grammatology, 295-316.