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posted Jul 25, 2011, 7:18 PM by Jangwon Lee
NEWS - JULY 2011


V2_Lab (Rotterdam, NL) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven, NL) launch a call for proposals from media labs around the world for recently produced artworks (developed by artists in labs in 2011-2012) to be featured at the next edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival taking place from April 19-22, 2012 in Rotterdam (NL). The intentions of the show are to provide a unique overview of the diversity and quality of work being developed at the crossroads of art and technology today, to present ‘best practices’ of different labs, and provide input for a conference on new forms of contemporary art production in the form of concrete work and working processes. Through this we aim to stimulate new productions, open up the ‘ways of producing’ of labs and fuel the debate on the socio-cultural functions of artistic research and production facilities.

Call for proposals

Any (self-defined) lab, in collaboration with an artist (or artists), can apply with an artwork that they will produce, to be presented in the show. The final selection will be made on the basis of the quality and feasibility of the proposed project in relation to the aims and context of the exhibition. The envisaged total number of participating labs/artworks in the show is 10.

Interested labs should apply with the following material by September 16, 2011 to labsshow[AT]

description of the applying lab;
project description;
CV of the artist;
(audio-)visual documentation of the work (or sketches and other visual plans if the work has not yet been realised);
space and technical requirements related to the presentation of the work (including a breakdown of the equipment provided by the artist/lab and the equipment needed to be supplied by the festival).
Budget and conditions

Each selected lab/project will receive a budget of 4000 Euro to support costs directly related to the presentation of the project at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, including:

artist fee;
travel & accommodation for the artist(s) (not the staff of the lab);
extra equipment required for the presentation (additional to what is being provided by the lab/artist);
transportation costs of the work to and from the exhibition at DEAF.
Labs are responsible for making their own individual arrangements for the above, although assistance will be available in relation to equipment rental and accommodation in Rotterdam.

In addition to this budget, DEAF will also provide production/technical assistance for the installation and dismantling of the work.


We aim to present the different works in an open, spatial setup. A scenography based on separate spaces in the form of black boxes, etc. would work against the primary concept of the show, which is to open up and address the diversity of practices within the individual labs.
The venue for the show will be confirmed later this year.


A prize will be awarded to the lab presenting the most outstanding work in the show, as selected by the audience of DEAF 2012. The award is intended to support the development of a new project in the lab. More details on the prize will be available in early 2012.


In conjunction with the show and in connection with Baltan Laboratories’ Future of the Lab research, we will organise a seminar to present and discuss the different approaches to production, with the specific projects of the participating labs as case studies.

We will also organise moments during the duration of the show when visiting artists have the opportunity to present / pitch new projects to the labs involved in the exhibition (in a similar manner as the professional markets at film festivals).
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