IFIP 13.6 Human Work Interaction Design 2009, Working Conference on Usability in Social, Cultural and Organizational Contexts

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Dates & Venue:
Conference Dates: 
Wednesday and Thursday, 7-8th October 2009
Deadline for submissions:August 3rd 2009
Acceptence Notification:August 21st 2009
(Extended till August 10th 2009)****


Pune University, India
Call for Papers:

Theme and focus:

The HUMAN WORK INTERACTION DESIGN 2009 working conference analyzes the concept of usability in social, cultural and organizational contexts. Analyzing usability in context is important for connecting empirical work analysis and interaction design. In industry, a wealth of usability evaluation methods is used to evaluate computer software user interfaces and other interactive products: Inspection methods, Workplace observation, Think-Aloud Usability Test, etc. These techniques often give - seemingly - similar results when applied in diverse social, cultural and organizational settings, but experience shows that we need a deep understanding of the cultural, social and organizational context to interpret the results, and to transform it into interaction design.

The working conference will present current research into and industrial experiences with usability as a way of connecting empirical work analysis and interaction design, with a special focus on contexts in India. Cultural usability is a comprehensive concept, which adheres to all kinds of contexts in which humans are involved (private family, work, public and private organizations, nature and climate, technological, etc.).

The purpose of the working conference is to enable practitioners and researchers to analyze the concept of usability and how it can be used to connect empirical work analyses and interaction designs in different contexts. After the conference, a limited number of selected papers will be published in an IFIP Springer book.

We expect the participants will be people from industry and academia with an interest on usability, work and design in different social, cultural and organizational contexts. The working conference will be conducted in a good social atmosphere that invites to openness and provides time to reflection and discussion about each of the accepted papers and cases.

Social, cultural and organizational dimensions of usability

  • Usability and social context

  • Usability and cultural context

  • Usability and organizational context

  • Work style modeling in different cultural, social and organizational contexts

  • Usability assurance and assessment in outsourced developments

  • Usability and technological application areas such as groupware, mobile, social computing, web based and software applications

  • Experience design and design conversations 

Usability techniques and methods applied for design research

  • The concept of Usability as a mean to connect empirical work studies and interaction design

  • Application of usability design and research methods like think aloud, ethnography, contextual inquiry, GOMS, cognitive walkthrough, other empirical research methods applied for ICT applications design

  • Usability engineering and process management

  • Case studies of usability in an Indian context

  • The use of ethnographic methods to generate scenarios and use cases in a foreign country

  • Empirical studies of culture-specific or culture-aware usability evaluation methods

  • Submission Guidelines:

    We invite two types of papers:

  • Full research papers (10 pages)
  • Industry – case studies & work in progress (4 pages)

For submissions to the working conference, the authors must use the LNCS templates and style files available from http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-7-72376-

Download paper template with format specifications: typeinst.doc

All papers should be in the working conference publication format and sent as both pdf and MS Word files to dinesh@cdac.inrior@dpu.dk and pradeep@iitg.ernet.in by August 3rd, 2009. An IFIP Springer copyright will be required of the accepted papers and can be found here http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-7-72376-0.

Acceptance notification for conference papers:
Notification of acceptance will be provided by August 21 2009. All accepted papers will be published in the working conference proceedings in the form of a CD with ISBN and made available to the participants.

Selection of Papers for IFIP Springer Book:
During the review process, the reviewers are asked to evaluate (also among papers from industry and students) whether the paper is suitable for an IFIP Springer book. We aim at most accepted full research papers to be included here, but also the possibility to have a very interesting perspective from industry or similar represented. This IFIP Springer book will be available after the conference.

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