The 2nd International Conference on New Media and Interactivity

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Important Dates:

Call for Papers: 09 October 2009 Friday
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 04 January 2010 Monday
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 March 2010 Monday
Camera-Ready Full Paper Submission Deadline: 09 April 2010 Friday
Conference Program Announcement: 19 April 2010 Monday

Dear Colleague, You are cordially invited to the 2nd International
Conference on New Media and Interactivity (NMIC 2010). It will take
place in Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey, on April 28th - 30th, 2010.


Theoretical and Conceptual Framework of New Media
What is New about New Media?
New Communication Media
Cybernetics and Cyberculture
Digital Divide
New Media and New Opportunities Trends in Intercultural International
Communications and Collaborations

New Media and Visual Culture
Virtual Reality
Digital Art and Semiology
Digital Cinema / Soft Cinema
Digital Television-IPTV Technologies
Virtual Communication Design
Social Video
3-D Cinema Systems and Technologies
Digital Animation
New wave in Radio Broadcasting: Trends and Possibilities

Communication Networks and Web Technologies
Ontology and the Semantic Web
Web Content Management
Web Personalization
Web Design Patterns and Pattern Mining
Web Usability and Accessibility Testing and Evaluation of Web Systems
and Applications Localization and Internalization of Web Applications
Mobile Web and Wireless Technologies
Web Intelligence, Agents and Personalization
Enterprise Web
Pervasive, Mobile and Peer-to-Peer Computing Technologies
Security, Privacy, Trust and Reputation for e/m Services
Web Interfaces and Applications
Web Security and Privacy
Intrusion Detection and Response
Web Content Mining
Web Farming and Warehousing
Web Information Filtering and Retrieval
Portal Strategies

Everyday Life and New Media
Computer Mediated Communication
New Media and Society
Computer Games
Identity and Gender in New Media
Cyebrsex and Cybergame
Cyber Law and Cyber Crime
Human-Machine Interaction
Internet Addiction
Ethics in Cyber Society
Online Friendship and Virtual Relationship
Trust and Privacy Issues in Cyber Society
The Future of E-Society
E-Technologies in Human Interaction, Community, Education or Knowledge
Technical or Psychological Issues for E-Society
Social Web
Social Information Systems
Social Networks and Organizational Culture
Governmental and Social Main Concerns on E-Community
E-Education or E-Learning Platform
Practices and Cases in E-Governments, E-Organization

Economy of New Media
Knowledge Economy
Trends in Intercultural International Communications and Collaborations
Media Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age
Media and Localization New Approaches
The Business and Impact of Global Media
Media Industry Challenges and Opportunities
Corporate Media and Global Hegemony
Law, Copyright, and Intelligent Property in E-Commerce
Internet Marketing and E-Marketplaces
M-Commerce and Pervasive Computing
Data Mining and Business Intelligence
Intellectual Properties and Digital Rights Management
Payment Technologies for e/m-Services

Practices and Cases in E-Society
New Media and Democracy
Surveillance Society
The Mobile Platform 2.0: Establishing the Personalized Video, Music,
and Communications Experience
New Approaches in Journalism: Internet Journalism, Blog, Vlog, Tubes
and Citizenship Journalism
Networked Journalism
The Changing Face of Media and News: The Power, the Influence, the
Challenge of the Economy and Social Change
Print and Imprint: Changing Design of the Medium
Online Public Relations / E-PR
Online Reputation Management
Functions of New Media in Corporate Communication
Marketing Communication and New Media Technologies
Brand Management and New Media Technologies
Social Marketing Social Responsibility Projects on Web
Transforming and Redefining the Relationship between the Consumer,
Advertising and Media Platforms
Strategic Relationships: Broadband, TV and Advertising-New Content,
New Platforms, New Technologies
Advertising Accountability: Metrics and Analytics around Video, Social
Media, P2P and User Generated Media
Internet Advertising / E-Advertising
Web Mining in Advertising
The Television Ecosystem: Cable, Telco, High Definition, Broadband,
Mobile, Satellite -Defining the Future of Entertainment and

IMPORTANT NOTE: Abstracts and other inquiries should ONLY be directed
to the following e-mail address:

The papers are expected to be 10 to 20 pages long and can be written
in the following languages: English, Turkish, and French.

The papers will go through a thorough selection procedure, which will
be ensured by the Scientific Committee of the Congress. The papers
will be evaluated through a double blind (at least three reviewers)
reviewing process. The acceptance of a paper implies that at least one
of the authors must attend the Conference and present the paper.

Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to
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touch with us.

Yours Sincerely, NMIC 2010 Organizing Committee

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