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posted Mar 22, 2011, 4:51 PM by Joonsung yoon
Immersed as we are in electronically mediated sound, at the end of the day---whether it’s coming from ukuleles or earbuds---sound reaches us through acoustic pressure. The sheer physicality of sound, and its quirky interaction with our sense of hearing, has driven many a composer and sound artist to go back to the “year zero” in music---before the codification of melody, rhythm and harmony---and explore fundamental aspects of the physics and perception of sound.

For Volume 22 of LMJ we solicit articles and artist’s statements on the role of acoustics and psychoacoustics in music and audio art.


15 October 2011: Rough proposals, queries

1 January 2012: Submission of finished articles

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Note: LMJ is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts are reviewed by LMJ editors, editorial board members and/or members of the LMJ community prior to acceptance.