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2006_2 winter; The Labyrinth of Subject

2006.12.27 ~ 2007. 2.28

The Labyrinth of Subject

We will study in this winter under the the topic, the Labyrinth of Subject. Many of you already acknowledge following theorists, Lacan, Žižek and Bal, who are all powerful thinkers in our age. Based on Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Literature, they try to traverse diverse cultural discourses. Just like us who are transcending the huge wall of art and technology, those thinkers overcome the time and the field. Well, as you might notice, their itinerary is not so easy, but they keep talking to make readers understand. The main point and focus would be the problem of subject, I believe. The movement, route, representation, transcendence ... of subject is revealed in the labyrinth. The amount of reading is not so big. It means, everyone has to read the whole material, and we will have enough time to discuss. Let go into the labyrinth, and find our own way to go out. Our exits would be all different, because we find our own way individually.

Let's expect the storming winter for the time of enjoying the heavy reading, and find out the hidden jouissance!

-Dr. Yoon


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