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2024_1 winter; a polygon within a circle

2024 Winter MAAT lab Study: 2024.01.08 – 12  (MAAT BOOK 36)

a polygon within a circle


Dear my researching comrades,


I respect you from my deep heart. Sometimes I forget myself as an academic advisor, so called teacher or professor. You lead me, and I follow you. Only one difference might be that I must be a multiplayer, because I must be in a position to see you individually, one by one. Each of you has your own circle, and I am a square in the circle; “just as a regular polygon is inscribed within a circle, and in order to derive the circle from it, it is necessary to pass through infinity (Canguilhem)”. Now can you believe my statement?


Man, machine and organism would be our keywords in this study. Pronounce and amplify your words and excavate something from them. While many scholars and researchers in today are fascinated and captured by progressive or experimental styles in writings and readings, so called ‘retro’ seems to be a fresh one and to even be a stable attitude. If there are many to a spot, we will choose the other spot. Let them take the popular one. We will take our own anyway, without any ambition.




Dr. Yoon, December 2, 2023


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