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2008_2 winter; Ride Your Own Bicycle!: Mao's Two Notable Writings

2009. 01. 28 - 02. 28

Ride Your Own Bicycle! : Mao's Two Notable Writings

春节快乐! Yes, I am in the middle of sabbatical year. As you all know, this is the first real experience on China for me. Windy, cold, hot and dry weather sounds like their histories, revolutions, people and foods. As my favorite seasons of summer and winter, the Chinese stimulating environment attracts me like a large magnetic bar. I was educated in the western-style environment like all of you, and I have been soaked in the culture enjoying a kind of privileging smell. I have been used to it too long.

China is not as it was anymore. When I arrived and met Chinese officers and professors, my impression was ‘hot’ itself. Strong drinks that they call white liquor, ear-tearing loud voices, heavily smoky cigarettes, foods releasing all kinds of flavors in the world, and finally my own black bicycle reside in my impression. 毛泽东Máo Zédōng was not my interest in the beginning before my close friend dr. Ben had sent me an email starting a sentence, “How’s old Mao’s country and theory?” I am not specialized in Mao’s ideas, but I hope this reading becomes a triggering point of active and subjective use of Marxism, based on Asian ideas for our own researches (in fact, there are many of them) - we read the articles in English for some efficient quotes in the future. 

My bicycle made in China is still running well over 5 months, but someone says “if you do not ride it continuously, your bicycle will have problems.” I am still worrying about it, because it is not easy to ride a bicycle in the cold winter. In the street of China, however, the number of bicycles is not decreased whether it snows, windy, cold, even hot or wet. I keep mine inside the building safely, because I have already lost one. 希望大家都平安!

-Dr. Yoon @中华人民共和国 天津师范大学


* Many of Mao’s works can be found in

** Original English texts come from Peking University long time ago, and have some words misspelled and in rare use. I made some corrections. 


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