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2021_2 summer; Lateral Geniculate Nucleus, or The Interface


2021 Summer MAAT Lab Study 2021.08.02 – 06

Dear my researching comrades,

Our hibernation is still going on, and it would and might be replayed in our dreams as a strange and uncanny stage. Lateral Geniculate, LGN is somewhat unfamiliar to us, but it is a point inside our brain, and a kind of border between our eyes and our brain. Simply, you can input images on the point, LGN, to provide images onto the brain instead of eyes. In 1999, Yang Dan published an article on taking images from LGN of a cat to the computer monitor (it is attached at the end of maatbook 31 as a bonus). The cat watches a scene, and the system also gets the scene by intercepting the cat’s LGN. What does it mean? Think about the reverse direction, from LGN to the brain, and on the possibility as an interface between the input and the output.

Our summer will be a blessing, because we can step into the intersection and get a

position to look at the both sides of great divisions in ourselves and perceptive worlds.


Dr. Yoon, June 8, 2021

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