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2011_1 summer; Unpacking

2011 summer MAAT lab Study 2011. 06. 28 - 07. 26 

Unpacking: Theoretical Unfolding

This summer, the twelfth version of MAAT BOOK has come out. For a long time, we have dealt with various topics for our own researches. What we have learned is, not the content, but the method. Same topic can be used and applied in various ways, and we have to find our own, my own way. This would be the originality of a research, and become creative research. It may be similar to painters, sculptors, novelists, poets, etc. Here are, various topics and materials. Please unpack them, and find out ways of unfolding the hidden meanings.


- 2011.06.17   dr.yoon


1. The Social Network of Dante’s Inferno

2. Building_space_with_words: An Interactive Multimedia Installation Exploring the Relationship between Physical and Virtual Space

3-a.. Digital Anthropophagy: Refashioning Words as Image, Sound and Action

3-b. Game Theory

4. Maurya Wickstrom, Data Bodies and the Awesome Apparatus of Technology

5. Hans Belting, Image, Medium, Body: A New Approach to Iconology


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