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2015 summer; Two from Two, One from Two

2015 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2015.06.29 – 08.24  (MAAT BOOK 20)

Two from Two, One from Two


This summer will be hotter than ever. I and research members will be in Tianjin, China for two months to do collaborating researches. Other lab members will focus on the fundamental issues on art and technology based on philosophy. Beginning with C. P. Snow’s article that might be a summary of his same titled book will open up the continuing conflicts between art and science, or art and technology. Then, we will go on to the issue of technology and philosophy intrigued by Martin Heidegger. Finally, we will come back to the idea of art and philosophy by him. Reading English version and its translated version, think about the ‘terms’ and ‘meanings’ again. Rereading two language versions, you might be able to notice their differences simultaneously aiming one taget. 

- 2015. 05. 28    dr.yoon 

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