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2017_1 winter; RAPPORT

2017 winter MAAT lab Study: 2017.01.09 – 02.16  (MAAT BOOK 22)


We are encircled by dichotomies, such as body/mind, man/woman, etc. in our general, sometimes deep consideration. Even more, we are bewitched to develop those dichotomies into thoughts of human, nature, culture, technology, etc. As Gilbert Simondon smelled, the human/machine distinction is, however, not such a simple dichotomy. Using his own ideas of individuation and transduction, Simondon encompasses our academic backgrounds of established criteria. Here in this winter, we will think about each element of dichotomies independently, focusing on their relationships, connections and understandings and more, that is, ‘rapport.’ 

“Recognition of the modes of existence of technical objects must be the result of philosophic consideration; what philosophy has to achieve in this respect is analogous to what the abolition of slavery achieved in affirming the worth of the individual human being.”

Reflecting Simondon’s texts, we can keep revolving and rotating our views and thoughts, I think. The first part is to read Simondon’s ON THE MODE OF EXISTENCE OF TECHNICAL OBJECTS, 1958. It is going to be published in English soon-maybe in the mid-December and 2 parts are translated by previous researchers-, but we have the book in Korean. Then, we will read his other writings in English that I have searched here and there eagerly. If you are much more comfortable in French, you can find more resources. Look for his ideas in the web, and please try to get to know him before we begin this winter study. (Interview videos on mechanology (1968) can be found in Readings & Artworks of MAAT homepage)

As you know, you, MAAT LAB members are not simply my own students, but my researching colleagues. Let me be happy of it. 

- 2016.12.01    dr.yoon 

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