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2007_2 winter; Media Art, Art History, History of Media Art

2007. 12. 26 - 2008. 2. 27

Media Art, Art History, History of Media Art

Finally winter has come to us in silence, and the 5th version of our study material has emerged in front of us. In a new lab space, we have gotten beautiful views through the window, and the pleasant atmosphere stimulates our endeavor and love for the study. Somewhere in our earth, art historical researches on media art are going on, and we will look at them in this winter. Fortunately, there is a book, MediaArtHistories, published by MIT press in 2007. The title of the book reveals the ambiguous relationship between media art and traditional art history. I have chosen 11 papers out of 22. Well, it is just for the limited time, and if you are interested in them, you can read the whole articles in the book. Keep in mind; what kind of source or method can be used to discuss on media art? How do those thinkers deal media art with their own specified research areas?

We have our own specialized areas, and have some senses that "I want and know what I do.” One and only problem is, that we hesitate to do in action. That is ok. Let's look at what and how those thinkers do. They are embodying, excluding, including, disassembling, reassembling, assimilating, relating, segregating, comparing, cutting, and suturing traditional ideas, sources, legacies or heritages. It would be a precious opportunity for us to drink, eat, wear, wrap, give and use the thinker's idea for our own goal.

-Dr. Yoon


Oliver Grau ed. MeidaArtHistories (Cambridge: MIT P, 2007).


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