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2009_1 summer; Over the Duality

2009. 07. 01 - 08. 12

Over the Duality: Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy 

After I have stayed in China for a year, finally I am back. How have you been?

Fortunately, Seoul is much cooler than Tianjin, China, and I am enjoying the cool weather now. What a different experience and perception! Our feeling, perception, understanding, even interest can be different and various according to the space and the time. Did I tell you that there are wide range prices of cigarettes in China, from 200 won to 20000 won per pack? To choose a certain cigarette is not simply a problem of taste, but complicating causes such as an issue of status there. Well, we cannot just divide some phenomena or problems into two divisions, but we usually believe that there are overall big two divisions, like body and mind, man and women, etc. Here, this beautiful summer time, we will think about the dichotomies in our world and the resolving ways. As we do every summer, we will enjoy our cool environment reading, digging and discovering precious our own jewels.

Ps. For the new comers: We call our concentration on the text ‘dense reading’ that does not mean the full understanding of the text (in fact, it is impossible), but means ‘my own understanding of it, or of some tiny part of it.’

2009. 6. 26 –dr.yoon


Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, “The Birth of Tragedy,” trans. Francis Golffing and Walter Kaufmann, 1965


* Many of Nietzsche’s works can be found in


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