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2010_1 summer; The Amphibian Thinker

2010. 6. 29 - 8. 9

The Amphibian Thinker: The Artist and Researcher 

This summer, the tenth version of MAAT BOOK has come out. In our lab, artists, ex-artists, researchers, theorists etc. are mixed up now.  Communicating, influencing and reflecting one another, we are gradually transforming ourselves into strange identities. Beyond the pure-blood doctrine, we are constructing our own bodies and producing our own blood. We call ourselves the amphibian thinker crossing over the land of technology and science and the ocean of humanity studies and arts. We do not have borders, fields, subjects or even discriminations on any bodies or any ideas. Today we have those kinds of colleagues around us. We know, we will find out at a moment that we become the amtrac.


2010. 6.  7-  dr. yoon



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