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2023_2 summer; Individuation

2023 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2023.07.10 – 14 (MAAT BOOK 35)

individuation, or principium individuationis

Dear my researching comrades,

Another summer is coming soon, and this summer will be with a topic, individuation.

Relative clues are here and there around our interests, but in terms of Simondon’s ideas, we are deploying the topic diachronically with Schopenhauer and Stiegler. I should have included Carl Jung’s ideas too, but just tried to narrow down the scope as possible as I could. Many of our articles come from Parrhesia*. 

You might pull out easily another relative clues, such as identity, alterity, negativity, etc., and furthermore, the Mirror, the Other or even finally the unconscious, fiction, myth etc. Yes, please enjoy and grab your scattering ideas and thoughts.

As I always say, misunderstanding, misreading and mistranslation are all accepted, because those are supposed to become our own understanding, reading and translation for us anyway. Who knows? Those readings might be transformed into new thoughts. I used to call it ‘dance reading,” but now I would call it ‘Dogmatic Reading.’


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