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2022_1 winter; Centrifugal, Centripetal

2021 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2022.01.24 – 28  (MAAT BOOK 32)

Centrifugal, Centripetal

Dear my researching comrades,

We are still encircled by restrictions and limitations with strange thresholds. That might be how we understand the various and multilateral relationships to us.

Some of you might know that I am bewitched by Freud for a while, or I would say, ‘possessed.’ The more I try to exorcise it (L,F,G,D, etc.), the wider it grows. In the beginning, I thought that “it would be fun to take down a volume of Freud, something you weren’t expecting, and read it.” Now, I already lost ME or I.

Please try to keep up yourself to reflect your own research topics and plans, even though some articles in MAAT BOOK 32 are too attractive to resist. Enjoy the reading and pump up your thoughts in asylum. Let them fly up.

 Well, I think and feel that losing is not always so bitter.  


Dr. Yoon, December 16, 2021 

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