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2010_2 winter; Side by Side

2010. 12. 21 - 2011. 01. 18

 Side by Side: Philosophy of Technology

This winter, the eleventh version of MAAT BOOK has come out. Beyond digital media, we know the term, technology. How is philosophy related to technology? Is it? Around 1970s, thinkers on science, technology, society, politics, anthropology and history conjured up the love for knowledge. Now we will recall and reconsider the meaning of technology and human life. Putting aside thick anthologies on technology, we hold a short introductory text to ensure the space for our own ideas and thoughts. Let’s rock the upcoming stormy weather in our comfortable and warm space!

- 2010.11.20 dr.yoon



TEXTS: Val Dusek, PhilosophyofTechnology:AnIntroduction(Malden,MA:Blackwell,2006)


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