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2013_1 summer; Generative Sensorium

2013 summer MAAT lab Study: 2013.06.28 . 08.02 (MAAT BOOK 16)

Generative Sensorium

Summer has come to us again. Sometimes it would be boring to read others’writings, while it is the jouissance in our unconsciousness. This summer study is filled with various topics, including generative art, sense, media studies etc. As we always try to do, let’s find out our own research topics, clues and relevant information in them. In this summer, please find your own space and time for reading, thinking and writing. (Do we have to sit on the chair in front of the hard desk and the bugging computer terminal all the time?) And let’s make our intellectual senses be autonomous and generative for constructing intuitive ideas. Life is full of our beautiful memories with pumped out sweats. Also, at the end of this summer, I hope that every lab member has a prosperous target journal in his/her own taste, because I hope that MAAT BOOKS are full of MAAT members’ papers and research products in the future.

- 2013. 06. 06 dr.yoon


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