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2020_2 summer; Machine's Evolution

2020 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2020.07.13 – 17 (MAAT BOOK 29) 

Machine’s Evolution 

Dear my researching comrades, 

Before thinking about the currently propagating term, A.I, we have to reconsider ‘machines’ in general, into which might plunge most relevant words including ‘automatic,’ ‘computing,’ ‘humanizing (anthropomorphizing),’ ‘modeling,’ ‘networking,’ and even ‘effective,’ ‘efficient,’ etc. 

Being pessimistic or optimistic onto machines, we have not stopped thinking about them. Or, we might be already possessed by them totally in time and space, who knows, even in spirit and mind. Who can say that we are free from machine now? In 2020, encircled by invisible ramparts in the name of protection and safety against the virus, we are inhibited and observed by highly networked intelligent automatized features. That is, machines with high-tech are not controllable ones anymore for our own uses. The direction of working forces is already reversed, and we live and believe in our total misunderstandings t hat we create and use them. Are those so sad stories? 

Having read without feelings of reading means that we cannot verbalize or summarize what we have read, but we know what we have read. It is the only fast, spontaneous and fully digestible way to embrace a book, a thought, or even a talk. If we become being able to write ‘the having read,’ we can finally point our index fingers toward our own destinations. There are, maybe, the silence and the solitude. Is it so Nietzsche*? 

I am preparing MAAT BOOK 29 now, but not quite sure yet that we can reach each other. If we cannot, we can just fully enjoy our silences and solitudes, and that would be well. 


Dr. Yoon, June 26, 2020 

* The fourth part of ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Also Sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen: a book for everyone and none)’ was printed in 40 copies by himself, and only 7 copies were sent to his friends. Only 7 copies to the world! 

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