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2019_1 winter; Matter, Memory, Machine, Mind

2019 winter MAAT lab Study: 2019.01.14 – 18  (MAAT BOOK 26)

Matter, Memory, Machine, Mind

Dear my researching comrades,

Winter, winter, winter. Personally, winter is my favorite season that pushes me into my own small space. As we read books and articles, certain juxtapositions appear in front of us, and they let us roaming around our minds and memories, because, maybe, we have read so many stuffs so far. Then, is it our forgetting, or embodying? Are those clear connections and retrievals possible, even with the help of notes, diagrams, tables, simple line drawings or Visio? If there are already close relationships among our readings, we do not have to read books, as I have mentioned so many times. We keep discovering our own juxtapositions through our readings, because it is always hard working, but is our jouissance in fact. 

Bergson, Wiener and Schrödinger will stay with us in this winter study. We are going to stay at their adjacent angles and domains, and I hope that it might become your comfortable sorrows. We cannot stay with one book, or one scholar anyway, and we are destined to leave for somewhere.


Dr. Yoon, December 17, 2018 

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