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2016 summer; Evolving Media, Revolving Human

2016 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2016.07.25 – 08.29  (MAAT BOOK 21)

Evolving Media, Revolving Human

We had lost one winter lab study, celebrating my second sabbatical leave. Being stimulated by MAAT lab’s passionate old members, we restart our intellectual protocols in this summer. Contemporary media is tightly attached to evolving technologies influencing us and shifting human conditions. When we talk about human, firm and rigid definitions are not working properly anymore. We have to move our viewing position here and there, and must consider our expanding conditions again and again. Recently, I have read two impressive books. Reading Sasaki Ataru’s and Friedrich Kittler’s thick books are both painful, but enjoyable. In their books, I could find out a way of writing, my own writing that I could become a master of my writing. When we prepare papers and articles for academic journals, we usually follow their rules and regulations with their purposes and intension by trying to fit our own ideas into their notions and cannons. Let’s construct our own narratives, and talk our own stories in our own ways. Anyway, we do not understand even our own writings, just like making artworks. It might be a clue that we are changing, revolving, or evolving. Be prepared to write your own even though we cannot stop reading others’. 

- 2016. 05. 30    dr.yoon

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