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2007_1 summer; Old Thinkers Around US

2007. 6. 25 - 2007. 8. 27

Old Thinkers Around Us

Summer time is truly good for reading, because God gives us plenty of daylights. In this summer, we will dive into old thinkers' ideas and contemplations, who are always around us and sometimes haunt us. What did they think and love actually? How do we deal with their thoughts now? Given readings are not all complete ones, and if you want to approach more closely, you'd better get original ones and dig them.

They are embedded in our tradition of philosophy and cognitive processes. Sometimes we have a strong thirst for those knowledges, and sometimes we seem to ignore them. Well, it would be an excellent opportunity for us to thirst for the old timers' ideas in this steaming hot days. We all know that we are blessed with books, colleagues and cooling off drinks. Enjoy our blessed surroundings and make friends with old thinkers as your secret colleagues.

-Dr. Yoon


Stephen David Ross, Art and Its Significance (New York: SUNY P, 1994).


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