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2024_2 summer; theory || knowledge

2024 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2024.07.01 – 05 (MAAT BOOK 37)

theory || knowledge

Dear my researching comrades, 

Beautiful summer has come again that I am not able to choose, but I feel that summer loves me without knowing I love it.

This summer lab study starts with Simondon’s introduction in detail and jumps to nearby of Maturana. We already have seen Simondon’s oeuvre before, but we keep on transforming, transducing and transfecting ourselves parallel to his ideas.

Then, Maturana’s ‘nervous’ ideas might infect our blood vessels quietly. They existed but have not effectuated us for a while. As you might know, our lab members including alumni are somewhat big, and their research topics and referring fields are also wide and huge. There were M’s.

S & M, they share a similar epistemology, I believe that it would be Cs & Ucs, not in the meaning of dichotomy, but in the meaning of theory or knowledge. The logical “OR, ||” will provide us a stimulation as an opportunity, because it looks like a choice or a selection, but it is true only when one of them is true.

Let’s reconsider our academic mores and institutional paranoia at this stimulation of opportunity.


Dr. Yoon, June 6, 2024

p.s. I also attached another Simondon’s, Canguilhem’s and Luhman’s works.

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