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2023_1 winter; Milieu

2022 Winter MAAT lab Study: 2022.12.26 – 30 (MAAT BOOK 34) 


Dear my researching comrades, 

Beautiful winter has come again. Do we accept it naturally or dogmatically, or think about it forcefully or joyfully? Have our ancestors also regarded it like us? Furthermore, how vital organic entities in our world confront it? 

We are going back a little, 450 years ago-not so old compared to the older ancient- to review and consider the topic, Milieu, in depth. For our spiritual and bodily digestion, I invite several thinkers’ excerpts from their books. The main text is Georges Canguilhem’s Knowledge of Life, and I selected related articles among its footnoted references. Pascal, Montesquieu, Lamarck, Comte and Uexküll will be with us and for us this winter. If you find an interesting point or dot from our readings, please use it for your own research. 

Misunderstanding, misreading and mistranslation are all accepted, because those are supposed to become our own understanding, reading and translation for us anyway. Who knows, those are transformed into new thoughts. 

*Milieu Entered English in the 1800s 

Milieu comes from Old French mi (meaning "middle") and lieu ("place"). The word refers to an environment or setting. In English, lieu also is used to mean "place" and most often occurs in the phrase "in lieu of," as in "Cash is preferred but in lieu of cash a credit card is acceptable." 


Dr. Yoon, 

December 10, 2022


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