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2012_2 winter; Conceptual Darkness

 2012 winter MAAT lab Study 2012.12.28 – 2013.03.01

 Conceptual Darkness

As you have noticed, the title was just come from the beginning and ending words of our reading list. If an aircraft warning light is always turned on in the dark at the top of a building, pilots recognize it as if it is moving. Only when it blinks, they see it as a still red light. Even though we are fighting with traditional and conventional concepts, it is our destiny to study and learn those concepts. Here, many scholars reflect their interests on those firm theories and notions. Various interests including photography, film, dance, music, video art, media art, and even neuroscience and nanotechnology are considered in our winter study. In those papers, some resist to canonical notions and others shine them. Do we have to deal our interests only with the two points of resistance and surrender? Why don’t we just devour them, and then, produce our own features? Was it the goal of our study in the beginning? To be faithful to their understanding, we do not have to ignore our understanding. Let us misrecognize them, misunderstand them, and misuse them!

- 2012. 12. 25 dr.yoon

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