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2022_2 summer; Bullet Time

2022 Summer MAAT lab Study: 2022.07.25 – 29 (MAAT BOOK 33) 

Bullet Time 

Dear my researching comrades, 

Beautiful summer has come to us with full relaxations and a cooling space for your contemplation in the lab, 606. Well, it would be a good time for us to go back to art for enjoyment. I have looked and watched banished stones on the street and paintings in the museum in Europe, with a jealous eye. I always wanted to know why I am consumed with jealousy. Their sparkling ideas have wrapped me in a nightmare, and I have been in trembling wishes and prayers. On a market street in a small town of China, one man was writing a phrase with a water brush under the scorching sun hearing big group of people’s murmuring a same word, “bucuo, … bucuo (不错)” that means “good”, and my naïve or wrong translation of the expression might be “not wrong” or “not bad”. Why ‘not’? As soon as the man finished one phrase, the letters were dried up and cannot be seen. Yeah, now I am in peace like the master shifu in the Kungfu Panda. 

The title, ‘Bullet Time’ is come from the Wachowski’s film in 1999, The Matrix, in which Neo shows his escaping from bullets. 120 still cameras got 120 shots each in their differentiated positions. Just imagine Eadweard Muybridge’s 1878 horse photographs taken in a row, and 120 years later, those cameras were in a circle. Separate photographs were shown as they were in 1878, and 120 years later, they were shown in integrated moving images. “bucuo!” 

Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain is full of tourists to watch Las Meninas (1656, Diego Velázquez, oil on canvas, 318 cm × 276 cm). We will see four scholars’ views on the painting if you would include Merlo-Ponty as one of the viewers. 


Dr. Yoon, June 26, 2022 

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