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2011_2 winter; Beyond the Mordern

2011 winter MAAT lab Study: 2012. 01. 11 – 02. 01 (MAAT BOOK 13)


Beyond the Modern: On the Material and Medium


Our 13th lab study is on sculpture and city. It would be our topic how sculpture is transformed into new form and meaning, just like the transformation of the city. In those transformations, the role of contemporary science and technology is prominent. First, we will look at the shift of sculpture carefully, and as a further study to expand our own ideas into the environment, the city will be considered as the medium. (Do you remember that I have talked about the city-specific video art in somewhere?) On our physical environment and its meaning, we will shine them, connecting and re-connecting fragmented elements during the study. Enjoy!

- 2011.11.30   dr.yoon


1. Jack Burnham, Beyond Modern Sculpture: The Effects of Science and Technology on the Sculpture of This Century, 1968, 4th edition (New York: George Braziller, 1975) 1-181.

2. Friedrich A. Kittler and Mathew Griffin, “The City is a Medium,” New Literary History, Vol. 27, No. 4 (Baltimore: John Hopkins UP, 1996) 717-729.


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